Writing status update (#21)

Last month, as I reported, my progress essentially halted. And there hasn’t been much since either, I’m sorry to have to say. Of last month’s goals, I have something to report for two of them, and nothing for the rest.

The most positive news is that my novelette “The Adventure of the Royal Wedding” is now in a state that I’m happy enough with to send to any interested readers. (Any volunteers?)

Second, while the revision of the Pages on this blog wasn’t a stated goal, that has continued; as I said last month, I start at the beginning of each category and work my way forward, and I’m now up to the summer of 2012 in the Shine Cycle category. (It doesn’t help that I’m editing the posts, converting them to Markdown, and in some cases revising and expanding them.)

And third, I’ve gotten the Shine Cycle main timeline/outline, including events from characters’ individual histories, into a spreadsheet in a form that I think will work. I still intend to develop a dedicated program for me and others to use, but at the moment I no longer think it’s “blocking” further timeline-revision progress. (As I reported last week.)

My goals remain more or less the same, but with a few additions:

  • Get back into the habit of regularly working on Shine Cycle development. (Without this, there will be no progress to report.)
  • In my revision/update pass through this blog’s Pages, get at least through my birthday last year.
  • Make a good beginning on outlining The Longest War by sequence.
  • In my process of fractalling the culture of the Empire and the Sunshine Kingdom, get through at least the rest of the “Geo-Physical Envvironment” questions.
  • Finish at least the second arc in the timeline revision.
  • Write at least several hundred words of actual prose.

We’ll see.


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