Writing status update

In my last update, I noted continued more-than-statistically significant progress on “my writing,” mainly outlining of and “background work” on the world of the Shine Cycle, my planned SF/fantasy series, and expressed burgeoning hope because I had managed to keep up a somewhat steady pace for weeks at a time for the first time in at least months. Now, a month later, it’s time to report on how well that progress has continued.

I ended last month’s post with a list of goals for this “iteration.” I’ll begin today by checking myself against each one in turn.

  • Finish outlining Barbaric Dragon by scene and Space and Time and Galaxy by sequence,

Done—and very little more on the “plotting” side.

  • Make a good beginning on “fractalling” Imperial culture,

I didn’t meet this, but I’m surprised I posed it: in my task tracker I actually went “faster” than the pace I had estimated in creating this list, and the first actual “answer these questions” (rather than “create manageable tasks for answering these questions about such-and-such race”) tasks only came up late in the last week. As of this writing, I have a couple of sentences down under the first question, but that’s not “a good beginning” as I meant it.

  • Re-polish “The Adventure of the Suspended Rose” and send it to any volunteer readers,

I meant, of course, “The Adventure of the Royal Wedding”, since I haven’t written “The Adventure of the Suspended Rose” yet.

But it hardly makes a difference. I didn’t touch the thing this month.

  • Finish at least the second arc in my timeline revision (I now have an idea for how to go about developing a program to make that task less frustrating)

No progress, except a minuscule amount on that program.

Write at least several hundred words of actual prose.


Beyond those items, I managed to do a little bit more that I can report here.

First, I went to the effort of converting essentially every file in my “writing” version-control repository that included HTML (mostly but not all old blog posts) to Markdown. (I had written in quasi-HTML rather than the minimal-markup that Markdown borrowed so much from primarily because HTML was what WordPress required; I converted the files because WordPress now supports Markdown.)

Second, I wrote descriptions of a number of potential characters, and created names (see my post on what I called “anti-Tuckerization”) for several more rather than delay my each-category-in-turn progress until I’d finished the timeline revision.

Third, I wrote (very tentative) loglines for Space and Time and Galaxy.

(For further details of my category-round-robin method and of “why loglines,” see my somewhat lengthy explanations in last month’s post.

A week after my last status update was the turn of the civil year, so I set goals for 2014 as a whole. From the above, I’d say I’m close to on track to meet most of them, but we will, of course, have to see when the time comes.

In the next month or so, I would like to:

  • Get my timeline-editing program into an at least minimally usable state.

(If I do, I plan to report on its development separately.)

  • Finish outlining Universe by sequence and make a good beginning on outlining The Longest War by sequence.

  • Finish the first pass through the “culture fractalling system” for Imperial culture, or decide I assigned too much work to each task, reorganize the relevant tasks in my task tracker, and “make a good beginning.”

I’ve skimmed through the “fractalling systems” several times, but after converting the first part of the “culture fractalling system” to Markdown and adding “TODO: answer” after every question, I’m beginning to suspect that I ought to have made each question its own task in the rotation, rather than each subsection. So I’m leaving that option open.

  • Re-polish “The Adventure of the Royal Wedding” and send it to any volunteer readers,

This will be more likely if I have readers lined up for it. (Or if my writing friends do as they have sometimes quasi-regularly done and pester me with “how’s whatever-it-was-you-were-supposed-to-be-doing coming?”)

  • Finish at least the second arc in my timeline revision.

  • Write at least several hundred words of actual prose.

We’ll see. But since I’ve maintained a reasonable pace for a couple of months now, I’m hopeful.


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