Strategic Primer: 2013 review, 2014 goals

The last few days, I’ve been looking back over this past year in light of the goals I had set, and setting goals for the coming year, in the areas of my planned fantasy series and my poetry, essays, and personal life. Today, the remaining category, Strategic Primer, the strategy game I’ve been developing for several years now.


The first goals had to do with the currently-running campaign of Strategic Primer.

Goal: Finish at least one turn in the current campaign. Because (as I explained in the retrospective) I put the campaign on hold for much of 2012, we didn’t complete a single turn last year. I want to be certain to get at least that much in. But I expect to meet this fairly soon (depending on player response, of course …), so …

Stretch goal: Complete at least three turns in the campaign.

I met the goal, but failed the “stretch goal”: one turn was completed this year.

So we’ll set the same goals for the coming year:

Goal: Finish at least one turn in the current campaign.

Stretch goal: Finish at least three turns in the campaign.

One later goal had even less success:

Goal: (Successfully) recruit at least one more player to join the campaign.

Failure. Not that I made much effort, given the state everything is in.

But we’ll let it stand for next year anyway.

Assistive Programs Development

Several of my other goals had to do with developing my suite of “assistive programs.”

Goal: Implement (or decide against implementing) at least half of the items currently on the current roadmap for the map viewer.

Of the seven items in that month’s “roadmap,” I’ve definitely completed three, and definitely not completed three; the last depends on what I had in mind for “fixture editing” at the time. So I’ll say I met this goal.

Stretch goal: Extend the viewer into a true suite, with at least one other distinct application useful to players.

Definitely met. The worker management app should be useful to any player, and there are also several others that are useful to just me but are still distinct applications from the map viewer. And arguably the report generator counts as a player-useful app too, even though it’s not exposed to the casual user the way the main applications in the suite are.

Goal: Port the viewer, and other “assistive programs,” to Ceylon (as I described plans to do last year) or some other less cumbersome language and toolkit.

No progress here. This isn’t entirely “my fault,” as the few times I tried to start a port to Ceylon either it was missing crucial features or the Eclipse plugin wasn’t compatible with my version of Eclipse, but I should still have been able to make a good beginning in the last few months, and I haven’t.

Now, for the year to come.

Goal: Implement, or definitively decide against, at least half (i.e. at least three) of the items on the current roadmap.

Goal: Create at least one more player-useful application for the suite.

Goal: Port the suite to Ceylon or some other less-cumbersome language and toolkit.


Goal: In my ongoing (and so slow-going as to be essentially stalled …) project to ensure no information from previous campaigns worth keeping has been lost but also ensure that as little data is duplicated between various sets of electronic files and various (old) hard-copies as possible, get through (i.e. triage, digitize as needed, discard) at least twelve (hard-copy) pages of old advance data.

I don’t think I did one page this past year; if I did, it was so early in the year I’ve forgotten about it. But this is still eventually-necessary, so we’ll keep it before me with this revised goal for this year:

Goal: Get through (triage, digitize as needed, discard) at least six (hard-copy) pages of old advance data.

Rather a poor showing for the year; we’ll see how these goals turn out in a year’s time.


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