Writing status update

It’s been several weeks since my last update, so it’s time for another report.

As usual, I produced some poetry and background material, which has already appeared on this blog. Beyond that, the only truly substantive progress was in my outline of Earth’s projected future history, which has been the “blocker” for (the reason I keep putting off working on) The Invasion, the first planned book in my “Game of Life” sub-series and the next set of tasks on my task tracker. I’ve finally passed the final milestone before that outline is finished; it’s only a hundred years, or about ten or fifteen “events,” short of the length I’m aiming for.

Since the next several weeks include the beginning of “National Novel Writing Month,” I’ve been dithering about what goals I should set for the cycle—whether I should try to write fifty thousand words of one of the planned works in the Shine Cycle in November (and if so, which one), or merely continue the background and preparatory work that I hope is laying the foundation for future prose.


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