Writing status update

In the month or so since my last update, I’ve made only a little progress, but there is some to report.

As usual, most of what I produced has already appeared on this blog (poems and background material), so I won’t go over it again. Most notably, I finished my revision pass through my novelette “A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage,” though I decided to make another pass before asking anyone for comments on it. I also came up with a better title for it (that title necessitates an explanatory preface), so it will now be called “The Adventure of the Royal Wedding.” And, as in the last cycle, I wrote several character descriptions.

However, my “velocity” was essentially utterly halted two and a half weeks ago by a disk crash. I lost a couple of days of work—including my revision of the last chapter of the novelette—but I also had to deal with the disruption of my workflow, an increasingly unreliable network connection, and the problem of first replacing the disk and then setting the system up again, a task that may be complete only today. (Having mentioned the disk crash, I have to ask: if you have any knowledge about backup systems, I’d like your thoughts about what might meet my needs.)

So we’ll see how the coming weeks will go. I again hope I’ll be able to report finishing the future-history outline very soon, since that’s been blocking me from starting to really work on the first planned book in the “Game of Life” sub-series, which happens to be the next set of items in my task tracker. I’d like to finish my next revision pass through the newly-titled “Adventure of the Royal Wedding.” And I’d like to be a lot closer to the end of the list of characters needing descriptions. But, like I said, we’ll see.


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