Shine Cycle Character Profile: Alex Royal

Alex Royal is the chief heroine of the War of Power, and the last daughter born to the King and Queen before the latter’s final death in the mission to capture the Master Seeing-stone. For her role in the destruction of that artifact, she was knighted and added to the Academy’s Roll of Honor—the only person so honored while still living.

She is a somewhat short, striking, athletic young woman with short, thick dark brown hair and a charming smile. She usually wears a lightweight suit of armor made for and fitted to her in the Deep Cities, often underneath a multi-layered robe split to allow maximal freedom of movement. But after the war she grew fond of gowns like those worn by her mother in her official portraits.

She was raised in Noviaman, a small hidden enclave near the south-eastern coast of the Wild Continent, by a group of her parents’ friends and advisors. While she was by inclination a more studious than active child, because of the times into which she was born, her guardians ensured that she was extensively trained in both arms and the more practical applications of the Power. As she grew up, she proved a very apt pupil in these arts, and quickly outstripped her teachers, then began to lead the early training of the younger children (born since the evacuation). The main contact she had with others around her age was by mage-message or by letter.

At the time of her coming of age, she embarked on a journey to visit the other areas and settlements of the two continents, accompanied by a few companions. As I described in last month’s précis of that story, this journey became the quest to destroy the Master Seeing-stone, and she was the most reasonable choice to carry that artifact to its destruction. Friends she had helped encourage and train raised and led armies that distracted the Dragon armies, to keep her way clear.

After the War of Power, she turned from her single-minded focus on arms training to more traditionally academic matters—theology, philosophy, Latin, “literature and letters.” She keeps in practice with weapons skills, and even helps teach beginners at the Academy the basics.

And who knows what deeds remain for her to do?


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