Writing status update

In the weeks since my last update, my progress has been intermittent, to say the least, but has not stagnated entirely. There is a little to report in a number of areas.

Most of what I produced has already appeared on this blog (poems and background material), and I won’t go over it again. And I will reserve any mention (beyond this) of progress on my “Poetry Book” project for a status update on that project alone, sometime in the fairly near future. But other than that: My revision of my novelette “A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage” continued; I’m now nominally finished (for this pass) up to the fourth chapter. And I wrote several character descriptions—an important step toward being able to resume posting character profiles regularly, though not a sufficient prerequisite, since I have more characters in need of histories than of descriptions.

I’ve also resumed using Pivotal Tracker for tracking tasks, as I mentioned in my last Strategic Primer development report. This will, I hope, help me to maintain focus and pace. Most of the items it shows me having completed in this period are essentially “administrivia,” having to do with setting up future tasks in the tracker … items which were weighted quite heavily because of how very many tasks are in the tracker, and the effect this has on the site’s performance.

Similarly “administrative chores” and not “writing progress” but still worth mentioning is that I’ve been doing some cleanup of the “repository” in which I store my writing and keep track of its changes. There’s an “html” directory tree, a legacy of when “my website” meant “my Calvin web space” (as I mentioned earlier this month), which still included HTML versions of some of my prose. I’ve been going through, comparing them with the text versions in the main repository to extract any beneficial changes they offer, and then removing them.

Lastly, I’ve made a bit of progress in my development of an outline of the future history of our world for use in the “Game of Life” sub-series, with the help of the inestimable Miss Aubrey Hansen. I only need less than a hundred more items for the outline, filling up only a little more than two centuries (in bits and pieces here and there), so, as I think I’ve explained before, I’m having a great deal of trouble thinking of how to make up that shortfall. But, with Miss Hansen’s help in a brainstorming session, I managed to put together enough for a significant fraction of it.

Again, we’ll see how the coming weeks will go. In particular, I hope I’ll be able to report finishing the future-history outline, since that’s been blocking me from starting to really work on the first planned book in the “Game of Life” sub-series, which happens to be the next set of items in my task tracker. I’d like to get at least most if not all the way through a thorough revision of “A Mrder, a Mystery, and a Marriage” (and, further, I’d like to have a better title for it). And I’d like to be a lot closer to the end of the list of characters needing descriptions. But, like I said, we’ll see.


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