Poetry Book progress report

As you may know, I’ve been working on plans for a collection of my poetry for some time. Today I’d like to give a brief update on the status of that project, since it’s a bit big for the monthly “writing status update” I have planned for Monday.

As you may recall, back in November I had the idea of organizing the collection around the cycle of a year. That has proved to work out quite well. My tentative title for the collection is “A Year in Verse”—which I think will do well enough, though I’d be glad to hear any other suggestions. And I’ve selected almost sixty poems, mostly those that proved most popular in my “Poetry Archive” experiment, and placed them in an order that seemed suitable.

Once I had all that, it wasn’t hard at all to produce what I consider a draft of the collection. \LaTeX, together with either of two “environments” for poetry collections (poemscol and poetrytex), makes it fairly easy to create a fairly professional-looking “book.” (Which I’m willing to share with a few readers on request, but not to post publicly yet.)

Despite all my progress the last months, there are still a few major hurdles remaining:

  • Writing the dedication, foreword, and afterword;
  • Writing any notes that will accompany or comment on any of the poems;
  • Finding, creating, or commissioning artwork, at least for the cover and, I hope, for at least some interior illustrations;
  • Create an index of titles and first lines at least, and if possible of subjects as well; and
  • Revising and polishing the poems.

Any thoughts?


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