The Danani

Today’s post is an introduction to the second race of the Shine Cycle that I consider original, the Danani.

The Danani are a humanoid race, tall (adults averaging six and a half to seven feet) yet stocky with awkwardly short arms and legs. They have long, strong, particularly dexterous fingers and toes. Originally, their arms and legs were originally not very strong at all. (More about that in a moment.)

The race originally lived in a wide area in and around what became the Dragon Empire, in shallow burrows and in often-windowless sod houses. But they had a naive, unwary attraction to power—not that they desired it, but that they would look to those who had it—and so they all (except perhaps a very few) flocked to Tashere and fell under his shadow, thrall, and domination.

Over the decades (and perhaps, once I finish my revision of the timeline, centuries), Tashere bred them for increased strength and endurance, and a shorter life-span, and made them his sappers and miners. Most saw the light of day and breathed even such fresh air as Tashere’s domain could supply (which wasn’t good, as provided by the curse invoked in the end of Vayna) only a few times in their lives.

When Tashere fell and was banished from the universe in the War of Power (as will be briefly covered in a précis later this year), they became free of his domination and control, and fled from the Dragon Empire. After a somewhat lengthy exodus, they came to the Shine and Wild Empire, where before long they heard the pastor of a church explain the Gospel—how God liberated human beings in Christ—and attributed their own deliverance to God, in gratitude pledging to serve him henceforward.

After their liberation, the Danani have a strong cultural dislike of being very far underground or in small spaces, and a need to feel the open air. When not living in tree-houses in a forest, they still build sod houses and even occasionally burrows, but they now insist on large windows in essentially every room.

After living and working as miners in the blasted wastelands of the Dragon Empire, they hope never to have to do that sort of work again. If the Shine and Wild Empire had needed miners, they would have taken up the task to serve the need, but with the dwarves and the gnomes (which I’ll write about later this year) there is no such need. Several clans chose to become farmers on the great plains of recently-liberated lands, while others went to the forests to work as carpenters. A few even went to the mountain cities of the dwarves.

The Danani have a strong feeling of gratitude toward the dwarves and the gnomes for making (as I just said) it unnecessary for them to take up the to them very unpleasant task of mining. Any dwarf or gnome who visits a Danani village is warmly welcomed, and several Danani craftsmen have specialized in tools for dwarven use; they are in fact the only individuals outside the dwarven race to whom some of the secrets of the dwarven crossbows have been entrusted.

Any thoughts, comments, or questions about the Danani?


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