In (modern) fiction, to “Tuckerize” someone is to pay him or her honor by including a character with his or her name (or some recognizable variant thereof) in one’s books. The doctor that Lewis is instructed to bring into the secret in Perelandra is a good example of Tuckerization. But what I’d like to talk about today is the reverse: “anti-Tuckerization,” if you will.

For nearly as long as it’s been even a glimmer in my mind, one of the central elements of my Shine Cycle has been the presence of “the Chosen”, people from our world—and especially those friends and acquaintances who particularly impressed themselves on my mind—translocated to that world and becoming pivotal figures there.

This, too, is a sort of homage, I suppose, though a veiled one as I do my best to disguise the portrayals through the use of different names (“truenames”) and fairly substantial changes to the characters from the formative experiences their arrival and early years in that world gave them, since it is well outside our everyday experience, and in many ways a few steps closer to the ideal than ours.

However, given the constraints that result in that “veiling,” I’d like to make my portrayals fairly good ones. And so I’d like to know: if you were to be “written into” the Shine Cycle, how would you like to be portrayed? If you found yourself in that world, as described in many posts over the past several years, what would you like to do or become, where would you like to go, and what would you like to look like?


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