Strategic Primer: Goals for 2013

Last year I outlined my hopes for Strategic Primer in the year that we have just concluded. None of them came to pass, as I mentioned in my retrospective in November, but after setting goals for this coming year in every other department of the blog in Saturday’s post, it’s time to list my goals for Strategic Primer in the coming year.

Goal: Finish at least one turn in the current campaign. Because (as I explained in the retrospective) I put the campaign on hold for much of 2012, we didn’t complete a single turn last year. I want to be certain to get at least that much in. But I expect to meet this fairly soon (depending on player response, of course …), so …

Stretch goal: Complete at least three turns in the campaign.

Goal: Implement (or decide against implementing) at least half of the items currently on the current roadmap for the map viewer.

Stretch goal: Extend the viewer into a true suite, with at least one other distinct application useful to players.

*Goal(: (Successfully) recruit at least one more player to join the campaign. While every so often I’ve posted a “call for players,” because of how slowly things were moving and the unstable state of the campaign and the tools for so much of 2012 I didn’t really push recruitment. I hope to change that—though I’ll wait until after the current turn, and until I’ve gotten the tools into a somewhat better state. (See the roadmap I linked to above.)

Goal: In my ongoing (and so slow-going as to be essentially stalled …) project to ensure no information from previous campaigns worth keeping has been lost but also ensure that as little data is duplicated between various sets of electronic files and various (old) hard-copies as possible, get through (i.e. triage, digitize as needed, discard) at least twelve (hard-copy) pages of old advance data.

Goal: Port the viewer, and other “assistive programs,” to Ceylon (as I described plans to do last year) or some other less cumbersome language and toolkit. I’ve found working in Java and Swing fairly tedious, but when I’ve tried to start ports to languages and toolkits I don’t know as well (most notably Qt) I’ve quickly found myself at a loss—I’ll need to invest time in learning a new language before porting to it, even if it’s one I supposedly learned in college. But Ceylon, as I mentioned in my post last year, appears to be close enough to Java to have a shallow learning-curve—all it needs at this point, I think, is a graphics toolkit.

That’s all I can think of for now. We’ll see how these turn out at year’s end.


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