Goals for 2013

This is the last Saturday of the civil year; since I did my year-end retrospectives at the end of the liturgical year, before Advent (in two parts), it’s time to look forward to the year to come.

As I did with the year-end retrospectives, I’ll divide this into “areas,” and for each that I cover here give at least one “goal” that I think is well within reach if I am diligent and at least one “stretch goal” that I think is conceivable but that will require a great deal of effort.

Shine Cycle

Over the past few years, I’ve produced a fairly large amount of “worldbuilding,” focused primarily into essays that I could post on this blog. This year, I hope to make more progress on the stories themselves.

Goal: To get “back on track” with outlining, and get to the end of the saga in the current pass. (My method has been to outline by sequence, then each sequence by scene, to be followed by outlining the scenes by action if necessary.)

Stretch Goal: To get at least halfway (probably 50,000 words or so, but I’ll use the outline to assess this unless the story diverges too much) through a draft of one of the (intended-to-be-novel-length) stories I’ve done at least preliminary planning for.

Strategic Primer

I’ll write about my goals for my strategy game for the year in detail this coming Wednesday.


As of yesterday, I’ve posted, I believe, 185 poems to this blog (186 if you count both the original and revised versions of “How do my knees”). That hasn’t been quite a poem a week since I began the present schedule, but I’ve posted a new-to-you poem most Fridays. Aside from keeping up with that schedule and continuing to write poems for the birthdays of some of my dearest absent friends (and perhaps a few epithalamia, given the number of engagements announced in the last weeks), my goals here have most to do with my planned collection.

Goal: To make all final decisions as to which nuance of the organization around the cycle of a year I’ll use and select and order all the poems the collection will include.

Stretch goal: To have the collection “all but ready” to publish (perhaps some “placeholder art,” and in need of third parties’ critical and editorial eyes, etc., but with everything basically complete and organized).


As any regular reader of this blog should be able to tell, my Saturday posts on this blog cover a true variety of topics. So the “miscellaneous” category here covers that “department” and a bit of my “personal life.”

Goal: At least five “Best Books” reviews (which I never do more often than once every four weeks).

Stretch goal: A (reasonably) substantive post every Saturday.

Goal: Read the entire Bible through at least once.

Stretch Goal: Get at least half-way through the first volume of the Institutes (my current attempt got stalled in the second chapter, I think, earlier this year).

Goal: Be more prompt in keeping up with correspondence (including forum threads and such).

I had some other things in mind when I began this post this morning, but have since forgotten them, and the day’s almost gone, so I’ll end it here.

Forty-eight weeks from now or so, let’s see how well these goals have turned out.


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