Strategic Primer assistive programs development report and roadmap

In the month and a half or so since my last report on the development of my suite of assistive programs for players and Judges of Strategic Primer, there have been no changes that would affect ordinary users of the map viewer, but there have been some other noteworthy changes.

For more details of changes, you can see the full history in the Bitbucket repository.


The biggest change is the addition of a text (“command-line”) interface for exploration; there had previously been an “ExplorationCLIDriver” that I had used on occasion to determine some of the contents of a tile, but its main function nowadays is generating “encounters” for hunting, gathering, and trapping, so I renamed it to the “Query” driver and created this new interface, which lets me select a unit and guide it around the map, automatically updating the player’s map(s) with what the unit sees, and keeping track of how far the unit is able to go each turn.

Most of the other changes have been refactorings and other utterly “invisible” revisions and adjustments to the code and the data structures; this has been a quiet period as far as development is concerned. Indeed, I had intended to suspend development until I’d finished running the current turn, but I grew exasperated with the tedium of running exploration using just the viewer, and invented the exploration “driver” to save me time and effort.


The “roadmap” of planned features is still essentially unchanged, and still on hiatus until I finish running the current turn. But I reproduce it here for future reference.

The first item is still fixture editing and UI support for unit details (basic model and I/O support for them having been added earlier). I have some ideas of how to go about these, and just need to buckle down and implement them. These still head the list because they should make running a turn in the campaign much easier.

The second item I’d like to get to is changesets. They, too, would make running a turn easier, once some additional code was added, and they would also make it easier to report to a player what of substance an explorer discovered. But, like I’ve said before, I don’t really have a good idea of how to go about implementing them, so they’ll probably just sit for awhile longer.

Another major item, which I think may be the first I get to, is the interface revision I talked about a couple of months ago. (See that post for more details.)

A player has asked for a way to get a list of items “of interest”; one way to do that is to either make the “Z-order” (which determines which fixtures are “on top” of a tile) configurable or allow the player to turn off the display of some kinds of fixtures.

I hope to add a “find” feature, so players don’t have to search the (increasingly “busy”) map by scrolling.

I hope to add larger images (“portraits”) for units and some other kinds of fixtures.

And I hope to let fixtures have custom images (so that different kinds of units use different icons).

Among other planned features.

If you have any features you’d like me to add, or you run into any problems with the software, please let me know—perhaps using the issue tracker.


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