Year-end retrospective (part 2)

Tomorrow, on the Christian liturgical calendar, is the first day of the new year. This week I’ve been looking back over what appeared on this blog in “the year that was”—posts relating to the Shine Cycle on Monday and to Strategic Primer on Wednesday, and the first half of the year’s “miscellaneous” posts last week. Today is the continuation of that: I’ll go over some of the “highlights” of the second half of the year, and in general summarize where we’ve been.

In May, I finally formalized an idea that’s been bouncing around into an intention, and announced plans to self-publish a collection of poetry. This is part of why I’ve been running the “Poetry Archive” posts every Thursday to try to find and polish my best work. And then earlier this month, I hit upon an idea to organize it around a year, rather than trying to make a directionless “selected poems” collection or center on some theme.

This year, after trying some audiobooks, liking a few but finding some I wanted< to like impossible, I described my reaction and speculated why.

Partly, but not entirely, because this was an election year, I wrote several posts about politics. First, after Independence Day, I wrote a poem and an essay considering how Christian patriots ought to think. In September I discussed the purpose of government and the implications of that understanding. And the week before the election I sought to draw our thoughts back to the real, root problem and its only possible solution in a post I called "Thoughts on the Time".

In July, after much longing and uncertainty, the family went to the Evart Funfest (and the still more enjoyable informal gathering beforehand, for the first time in years). I wrote at least two poems connected with the trip.

This year, I began a new series of poems: verse settings of the Psalms. I posted the first soon after we returned from Evart.

In early August, I argued at length for the wider use of cryptographic security technology.

Over the past couple of years, I've become friends with fellow author Aubrey Hansen. I reviewed her debut novella when I read it, then wrote to promote her latest entry the day of her release and wrote a poem in her honor. (I intend to write a full review of Peter's Angel very soon, though it won't appear in this space until January because Saturdays in Advent will be filled with seasonal meditations.)

Speaking of reviews, I also wrote briefly about several "recent" books (mostly last year's Christmas presents). I also wrote a comparative review of the four adaptations of Pride and Prejudice to the screen. Earlier, I briefly explored the phenomenon of "falling in love with fictional characters".

Late in the year, I drew up a Page describing my policy on comments.

Last month, I finally got nearly to the bottom of my email inbox and my blog reader, and wrote about my issues with "data backlog".

I wrote three other essays of note: In September I wrote warning of the danger I see of "creeping Pelagianism" and explored what our description as "Christ's ambassadors" means. Then, in October, I described my position on the origins debate.

And last week I posted my annual Thanksgiving reflection.

This concludes our look back over the year that, by the Christian calendar, ends today; I wish you all a blessed year to come.


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