“Be thou with me”

Be thou with me, and I would brave the blast
Of bitter cold that blows to stay with thee.
Speak but the word, and I would run these miles
Between us just to see thy face again.

I wrote this several years ago, in a season of bitter cold, soon after I first became acquainted with the Bach aria “Bist du bei mir.” And it’s because of that piece’s role in sparking this poem that I leave the archaic familiar “thou” in, even though I otherwise stopped using it in my poetry not long after the writing of this poem.

I’ve wanted to revise and (especially) expand this poem for several years now, thinkinng of it more as a “fragment” than a “poem,” but lately I’ve come to see it as fit to stand on its own, so I decided to post it here once the weather turned wintry.

As always, I earnestly welcome your comments, suggestions, questions, critique, or other feedback about this or any other part of my work. (In other words, if you liked this poem, or you didn’t like it, or it made you think of something, or … please leave a comment to let me know.) If you liked this, you can follow this blog, which includes one of my poems every Friday, or read other poems I’ve written here on my blog (starting with yesterday’s archive installment, since the full archive is by now, at well over a hundred poems, somewhat daunting); I’d especially like to know, as part of my preparations for a collection, which poems you think are my best. You may also share it with others, subject to my sharing policy.

This poem is also archived on my wiki.


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