Strategic Primer: Possible GUI revision: RFC

In addition to the items on the roadmap I outlined last month for my development of my suite of assistive programs for players of Strategic Primer, I’m also considering some somewhat major interface/workflow changes that I would like comments on.

The map viewer (the only functional, user-visible “application” in the “suite”) has for a long time now supported dealing with two, but only two, maps (the “main” and “secondary” maps) at once. It’s possible to copy fixtures between corresponding tiles on the two maps. But it’s only possible to look at one of them (the “main” map) at once, only one (but at least one) “secondary” map can be loaded at once, and it’s not designed to interact with other instances (or other programs, for that matter), among other faults of the UI and workflow.

After reading something somewhere about making Java programs “fit in” to a Mac environment (which I know one of my players uses), I had an idea: make the viewer a proper MDI, with each instance of its view responsible for only one map but providing the ability to copy data from one instance to another.

This could, I think, help contribute to a solution to the problem of writing a “suite” in Java, which only accounts for one “main program” per executable archive: I’ll be able to have the “open” menu item launch a window appropriate for the file, not try to open the file using the current window whether or not it’s appropriate.

But before I even think about starting this revision (which shouldn’t be until after this turn in any case), I’d like to know what you think.


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