“Psalm 2”

How dare the nations join to plot revolt,
And all the kings and rulers stand, conspire
Against the Lord, on who their thrones depend,
And rise against the Lord’s anointed Son?
But God, enthroned in heaven, laughs in scorn
And cows them with his glory and his wrath,
For he has placed his king on Zion’s hill.
He said—his word is law—“You are my son,
From this day I’m your father; ask of me,
And I will gladly give you anything:
The nations? So you shall inherit them;
The world’s remotest lands? They shall be yours.
And you shall rule them with an iron scepter,
Crushing every foe like brittle clay.”
So therefore, kings, conspiring rulers, heed:
Be wise, not foolish, and in reverent fear
Obey the Lord, and serve him; though you quake,
Rejoice in him and love his righteous ways.
And stoop to do your homage to the Son,
To kiss his feet, lest his fierce anger flare
And so consume you in his kindled wrath.
But blest are they who find their home in him!

This versification of the second psalm continues the series I began a few months ago with my setting of the first psalm. But while that poem came easily to me, this one proved much more difficult, and I’m still not entirely satisfied with it.

As always, I earnestly welcome your comments, suggestions, questions, critique, or other feedback about this or any other part of my work. (In other words, if you liked this poem, or you didn’t like it, or it made you think of something, or … please leave a comment to let me know.) If you liked this, you can follow this blog, which includes one of my poems every Friday, or read other poems I’ve written here on my blog (starting with yesterday’s archive installment, since the full archive is by now, at well over a hundred poems, somewhat daunting); I’d especially like to know, as part of my preparations for a collection, which poems you think are my best. You may also share this poem with others, subject to my sharing policy.

This poem is also mirrored on my wiki.


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