2000-2001 Campaign Log: Part 7

Today we continue the annotated log of the first campaign of Strategic Primer, which I continued last month.

Last month’s installment finished the second turn, dated February 16, 2001. We begin the next turn with reports of inventions—for the human players (which I think most of these are), their strategies had included diagrams or other drawing of the relevant advances.

Player Name Date Unit Attempted Action Result of Action
Theodore Roosevelt 2/17/01 None None Invents gunpowder and flint-gun. Flint-cannons installed on HQ but cannot be moved or more built.

If I didn’t have a campaign running right now, I’d explain what flint-guns (and the other non-obvious advances players invented) are. Giving him flint-cannons on his HQ was bending the rules slightly, but reasonable—cannons in a fixed position are, to the best of my knowledge, little more than ordinary guns scaled up, while cannons as a unit are more complicated. And, as I’ve mentioned before, at the time the rule was that inventing something provided a free prototype.

Xenophon 2/17/01 None None Xenophon invents the Scout, the Aerial Scout, and cavalry.
Napoleon Bonaparte 2/17/01 None None Napoleon invents gunpowder and the flint-cannon
Arthur Pendragon 2/17/01 None None Arthur Pendragon invents the rail cannon and the paratrooper.

I should mention that “rail cannon” here isn’t quite what modern tech-savvy readers might expect. But again, since I have a campaign running right now (albeit slowly), and my players (I hope) read this blog, I’m not going to explain further.

Pywll pen Annwn 2/17/01 None None Pywll invents the hand catapult and the time fuse, neither of which are equipped.
Robert E. Lee. 2/17/01 None None. Robert invents the gas mask, the process of distillation of oxygen, and the oxygen tank.
George Washington 2/17/01 None None. George invents the rail cannon, the hand catapult, the time fuse, gunpowder, the flint-gun, the flint-cannon, the (non-atomic) hydrogen bomb, the chlorine gas canister, and the preventive thin zinc coating over sodium to keep it from oxidizing when shot.
Arthur Wellesley 2/17/01 None None Arthur invents gunpowder and the flint-cannon.

That’s the end of the inventions and such; we’ll start on the meat of the strategies next time.


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