Writing status update

It’s been a couple of months since the last update; in that time I’ve accomplished more than in previous months (not that that’s saying much), but most new material ran in this space pretty much immediately. The one bright spot was still more revision (polishing, but also some deeper issues) on An Internal Conflict, including yet another draft of the prologue, with the help of the Writing Circle at the Holy Worlds forum.

One of the main projects I intend to attempt in the near future is a somewhat detailed outline of the story that was originally titled “A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage” (which I serialized here two years ago); a cursory look, as the first step in a more thorough revision, revealed that I left all sorts of loose threads, details that get mentioned early on as if important but never used again, and a lot of the important points of the ending aren’t properly foreshadowed.

I also hope to finally finish my projection of our universe’s future history, which has been “blocking” me for a long time, so I can get on to the next (less knotty) items in my task queue.


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