Strategic Primer: Hopes for 2012

Last week I looked back over the past three years of the current campaign of Strategic Primer. Today, a look forward, at my hopes for Strategic Primer in the new year.

First, I hope the campaign will finish more turns this year than the mere three we managed in 2011. This will take coordination and diligence (especially on my part), and I doubt we’ll equal 2009’s number (six turns), but I think completing four is definitely possible.

Second, I hope to make substantial progress in my design and implementation of asuite of assistive programs, starting with the roadmap I outlined in the last development update. By the end of the year, I hope to be able to use it as my primary tool for running strategies, and that players will be able to use it for all of the predictable parts of their strategy development.

And third, I hope—perhaps vainly—that the campaign will gain some new players this year. Over the past few years there have been a small handful of people who expressed interest, but then either found it not to their liking or (more commonly) declined on the grounds of time constraints. This year, perhaps I can adjust the game to make it easier on the current players and more appealing to newcomers, and perhaps a few more will join.


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