2011: A Brief Retrospective

Like I said at this time last year, “What a year!”

2011, I might say, flirted with disaster and with sheer glory. Last year began well, but ended in disarray; this year began inauspiciously, as (with how hard the winter was) my schedule became so exhausting that I couldn’t muster enough spare energy to manage even one post some weeks. Since the middle of spring I’ve kept up far better, only missing a few posts here and there, but I’m ending this year nearly as far behind as I did the last. In this, as in many other areas, I’ve made great progress—but that progress has been marred by falling back nearly as far.

I’ll look at the year in various categories.

First, my data backlog. I am even further behind than I was last year, and (having switched to Diigo and tried other services, and with Delicious no longer apparently about to vanish in any case) don’t have the handy excuse of postponing dealing with it until I’d found a replacement bookmarking service. But at several points during the year I was as caught up as I’ve been in years. And I’ve depleted the physical (paper) portion of the backlog significantly.

Second, this blog. As I’ve already mentioned, early this year I had some weeks with no posts at all. And I’m now hastening to get this post filed in time. But I have on occasion, during the year, managed to get up to a couple of weeks ahead. And other than those hectic, exhausting weeks last winter, missed posts have been few and far between.

Third, my writing: I did a fair amount of work on the background of the Shine Cycle this year. Unfortunately, most of it has already appeared on this blog. Outlining, unfortunately, stalled mid-year when I came to the point of wanting a complete projection of this world’s future history as background for the sub-series set here. On the other hand, I’ve done more revision this past year than any other recent year, thanks to new friends over at Holy Worlds. And, while I’ve barely kept up with my schedule as far as writing new poems (or cleaning up old ones) to have one to post here each Friday, I’ve begun to get a better sense of which of the long list of previously-posted poems are my best, through the “Poetry Archive” posts I began in September. (I recently posted the results so far.)

Strategic Primer: The current campaign only completed three turns this year, but I’ve had more people express curiosity and interest in the game than in any previous year, I’ve significantly improved the map viewer, and I finally finished converting the map to the new format and populating it.

I could—and probably should—go on with more details and into the other areas, but the year grows short, so I must bring this, too, to a close. A happy and prosperous New Year to you all.


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