Shine Cycle Précis: “Alternate Universes” sub-series

After the events of The Dragon Returns, the planned fourth book of the Shine Cycle which I described in a précis last month, the main series pauses for a moment as Jon Royal (whose birth will probably be mentioned in the epilogue of The Dragon Wars, who plays a minor role in The Dragon Returns, and who will be central in the next main-sequence novel, Sunshine Civil War) journeys through various countries and across various universes as a “knight errant,” seeking adventure until he is at last called home by the crisis that sparks the Sunshine Civil War. The content of the adventures he finds are not of particular importance to the main story, so I intend to turn to them later than much of the rest of the main series. But I do intend to tell those “side-stories” in a sub-series that I call “the Alternate Universes series,” because many of his adventures take place in “alternate Earths,” where history went down a different path from ours.

Because of the lower priority I’ve given this, and because I only began thinking about it in any detail last year, I know very little about what I’m going to do with this. I described some plans for the series last September, including the “alternate histories” I’d thought of, but I don’t have much more to say now than I did then (and so I point you to that post for the list rather than reproducing it here). If you have questions, comments, or ideas, please feel free to comment eithr there or here, whichever seems appropriate. And while my list of “alternate histories” and other places to explore may seem somewhat extensive, I’m still eagerly open to suggestions for others). I intend to take Our Hero gradually through each situation, each time challenging his capabilities, until he eventually settles in Camelot. When I’ve come back to them and considered them in much greater detail, I’ll post a précis of each planned story in that series here. But that’ll be awhile; I have a lot of other outlining to do before then. But I’ll get to it eventually.

Eventually, after several years in Camelot, he receives an urgent inter-universal message from his father summoning him home. But that’s another story


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