Strategic Primer: Advance Conversion Project

I’ve written before about Strategic Primer‘s beginnings as my science fair project and the “middle period” when I took the rules in various directions without even play-testing them. But over those many years between the first campaign and the current one, I also kept developing more content—more “advances” for the players to discover. What categories I put them in varied, and soon after my attempt to start a second campaign my freshman year of high school or so failed I abandoned my attempt to keep “stats” for them, but I kept piling up more and more advances. Estimating from my current files, I ended up with on the order of over 1500 advances, each with a name, a number, and a description (a sentence to a paragaph in length).

But therein lies the problem. With the changes to the game I’ve made after finally play-testing it again in the current campaign, many, if not most, of those advances will need to be reworked. (Now that we have “Implement” as a category, advances that worked around its absence by being “General Advances” and saying “When discovered, automatically installed on all applicable units” need to change, for example. And some groups of advances draw too heavily and too directly on recent art—novels, films, or games—to be used in a game I hope to eventually sell, or even one I’ll be running with results eventually made public.), and now that the game is finally being played again, the advances need statistics (mostly things like “how much damage does this weapon do, compared to that one”, but also things like “how long does it take one tailor to produce a uniform using this kind of machine”). Beyond that, I also have a large and growing archive of articles and web pages describing technologies that I want to turn into advances.

I’ll be working on this over the coming months and years (getting back to it after I finish the map format conversion I’m working on now …), but I’m posting this in case someone (other than my players in the current campaign … who should be working from their own sources) would like to join me in my effort.


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