Shine Cycle: status update

In the last month since my last status update, I’ve again accomplished very little, most of which readers of this blog have already seen. I’ve gotten quite a bit of useful feedback from the Writing Circle on the first couple of chapters of An Internal Conflict, though I have yet to make any changes to my local copy, but other than that and (as I mentioned) the various essays I’ve already posted here and a few more poems, I’ve written almost nothing in the last month. Sigh.

With a wee bit of momentum at the moment, hopes for a mild beginning to winter (you may recall that what moved me from being a couple of weeks ahead on this blog to scrambling to get each post up in time was having so much time and energy sapped by my snow-clearing job last winter), and fewer long-overdue letters remaining to write, I have some glimmers of hope of making progress on my writing priorities (which haven’t changed since last month … sigh) in the near future, God willing. But we’ll see.


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