Lord, when you some day lead this trembling fool
To matrimony’s holy, blest estate
And bind me to the woman you have made
To be my strong support, and I for hers—
Lord, here I see these children; in that day,
I pray you: lend me daughters just like these!

And, Lord, when I must sit at table’s head,
And you, and she you give me, round it set
Such olive-shoots of sons, and daughters fair,
As you shall choose to set within my care—
You glorified your Father as you taught;
May I, too, give him glory, just like you!

The first stanza of this poem came to me in essentially this form months and months, if not a few years, ago, when I was thinking of the delightful children who’ve thronged my church here and the church I attended while at college in Grand Rapids. I wrote the second stanza a few weeks ago, while searching for almost-presentable poems I could improve enough to post.

I always welcome your comments, critique, suggestions, or any other feedback on this poem or any other part of my work. (In other words, if you like it, if you don’t like it, if something “works”, if something “doesn’t work”, if it makes you think of something or someone, etc., please comment and say so!) If you like this, you can subscribe to this blog, which includes one of my poems every Friday; you can also read other poems I’ve written here on my blog (or if that list is too intimidating, I’m posting more manageable subsets, like yesterday’s installment), so you can just start with those); I’d particularly like to know which poems you think are my best.

This poem is also posted on my wiki.


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