“Sicut Cervus”

As the hart pants for cooling streams with thirst
So my flesh longs for God and his now-glorious Image.
And as for sleep objecting eyebrows bow and bend,
So my arms long to anchor me on her—
On her who holds my heart, for whom I pray.

This is an old poem; it’s been sitting in my archive for several years, long enough that I don’t remember when I wrote it. I’d been postponing posting it because it didn’t seem long enough, but this week I finally decided to post it, and so with a few tweaks to improve the meter and flow, here it is. I’m not entirely pleased with the title I’ve given it here; unlike “Nunc dimittis”, there’s no good reason for this poem to use the Latin of the verse that initially prompted it as its title, but I coudn’t think of a better one.

As always, I earnestly welcome your comments, suggestions, questions, critique, or other feedback about this or any other part of my work. (In other words, if you liked this poem, or you didn’t like it, or it made you think of something, or … please leave a comment to let me know.) If you liked this, you can also read other poems I’ve written here on my blog (starting with yesterday’s archive installment, since the full archive is by now, at over a hundred poems, somewhat daunting); I’d especially like to know which poems you think are my best.

This poem is also posted on my wiki.


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