Shine Cycle: Status update

Since my last writing status update, about a month ago, I’ve gotten even less done than the previous month, which I described in that update. This past month, I’ve written a wee bit of poetry (some of which won’t show up here—it’s for an upcoming birthday) and several essays, including on various aspects of the universe of the Shine Cycle, that have shown up here on this blog.

The one other positive news to report, however minor, is that even though the Internal Conflict prologue, which I had entered in critique group last month, seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle (so that I never got a version of it with comments back), now that the group is using Google Docs for this month’s circle I’ve already gotten some helpful feedback on the first two chapters of that novel-in-progress.

My priorities list still hasn’t significantly changed, but I’ll reproduce it here:

  • Finish and improve the Earth-future-history outline, then beginning to outline The Invasion.
  • Write more of Sunshine Civil War and An Internal Conflict.
  • Continue revising “A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage.”
  • Finally do the timeline revision I’ve been intending to do for months.
  • Finish the character descriptions and start on the character histories, so I can start posting character profiles again.
  • And whatever comes to mind.

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