Players Wanted!

I’ve nearly finished running the tenth turn of the current campaign of Strategic Primer. (The turn summary will run in this space next week.) But we really don’t have enough players for a proper campaign, so I’m again making an open Call for Players.

If you join the campaign, you’ll take the role of leader of a moderately small group of soldiers and workers apparently abandoned in an imagined world, responsible for bringing them from a roughly medieval level of technology (by telling them, through me, how advances work rather than accumulating research points or something), ensuring their survival despite being utterly cut off from any supplies beyond what’s available in the game-world, guiding their training from a ragtag bunch of native recruits to a disciplined force, ensuring their morale and guiding their development of a culture, negotiating with other players, taking them in directions even I never expected, and exploring the world’s unfolding story, without needing to micromanage (too much) because of competent subordinates.

Each turn—a day in-game, which is one fourteenth of a game-year, but on average about a month and a half real time—you’ll produce (with my help, as needed or wished, working around your schedule) what’s called a “strategy” for the turn. This is simply a description of what you want your people (soldiers, farmers, factories, mines, explorers, scientists, and so on) to do and produce that turn and in the coming turns. Because you have previous turns’ strategies to use as models (more on that—the “prepared position” you’ll get—in a moment), and most of your subordinates can keep things running competently if not exceptionally well even in your absence, writing a simple but satisfactory strategy should take no more than a couple of hours at most of your time. (Though you can tweak, expand, or otherwise improve it as much as you like until I run it.) I’ll then use your strategy, those of the other players, and my imagination to determine what happens in the game-world during the turn, and give you the “results” of the turn, telling you everything of note that happened that turn that you know of, including how your orders turned out, what your explorers found, and so on.

Because no one wants to start several months behind, and because I know the players had a bit of a learning curve to start with, you wouldn’t start at the beginning; instead, I’ve created a “prepared position”, which is up-to-date as of this current turn. The “prepared position” includes strategies (for you to use as models), annotated with helpful comments, and results for each turn that has already passed, as well as the headquarters design that each player was required to create in his or her first turn.

If you’re interested in playing Strategic Primer—or even in being involved in some other way, if you’d rather not play—please comment here or contact me and let me know.


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