Strategic Primer: 2000-2001 Campaign Log: Introduction

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting pieces of the log of the first campaign of Strategic Primer. I’d been postponing this because I feared giving an unbalancing advantage to some players.

But now, finally looking the log over—any player that can glean some advantage from slogging through the log, even with the annotations and commentary I plan to add, is welcome to it. It’s dense, full of the minutiae (all but the dice rolls!) of the mechanics of the campaign. (One of the main changes made in the near-decade since then is that now I at least attempt to hide unnecessary details from the players.)

I don’t know how long this will take; I divided the log into four files (well, really, restarted the log three times, since the program I wrote that created it always used the same file name), but each (except the last, partial, file) is several times more than a manageable portion.

A few notes: Each action was dated with the date that I ran it; each turn, as far as I had a notion of “turns”, was a day in real time. The map was more or less the same (though it wasn’t yet tiled, and it was originally intended to be a physical map, with physical pieces, which had lines in different places as an artifact of my printing process that got used as coordinates until I converted to entirely digital Judging), but somewhat larger with larger movement speeds.

Unit health was (almost) entirely based on manpower. I gave no thought to where that manpower came from, except for including a unit called “Rabble”, which after some condition became any other unit or units of the player’s choice using the same number (50) of men. I’ve described other broken (if you’re unfamiliar with that term in this context, see this definition) mechanics on this blog before, and so won’t repeat them here, though I’ll mention them again if they come up in the log.

While we wait for the current campaign to progress, let’s take a look back in time!

This post will also serve as an index to the series:


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