Shine Cycle: status update

Since my last writing status update, I have gotten very little done. I’ve had some new ideas, written a little poetry, and dabbled a bit elsewhere, but the only two areas where I’ve made anything like steady progress are the background (and other) essays that become posts on this blog and one project that I haven’t mentioned before: typing old drafts.

There are (or at least were, as I’ll explain in a moment) some drafts that I made a long time ago—sophomore year of high school, for example—that still existed only in pencil on paper, in my generally atrocious handwriting. And while my writing was generally as bad as my penmanship, some of the ideas and even a few fragments of the prose may be salvageable for use in future writing. (The most valuable would invariably be on the most decayed, illegible, and misplaced sheets of paper, of course.) So to prevent them from deteriorating any further, and to reduce the sheer amount of clutter that surrounds me, I’ve been typing them (or verifying that the writing on the paper matches the digital version, if a page has already been typed) and then discarding the paper copies. Recently, I finally finished typing my incomplete initial draft (from my freshman and sophomore year of high school) of the second planned novel in the Game of Life subseries, The Alliance. (Including revisions made after I started typing it when I was still in high school, it comes to about 59,000 words.) Now that I’ve finished that draft, there are probably others buried somewhere, and I’ll go looking this week, but it might conceivably have been the last. We’ll see.

Next month I expect to have more to report, because I’ve joined a critique group (which is taking up a not insubstantial fraction of my time, not that that’s any excuse) and my Internal Conflict prologue is even now as I write this making the rounds; I hope to make some improvements based on the comments I will receive on it and further pieces I send around.

Other than that, my priorities list from last month is unchanged.


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