Shine Cycle: Game of Life sub-series

As I mentioned before, in the coming months I’ll occasionally post précis of planned novels in the Shine Cycle. And I’ve been intermittently adding to the series of posts on my projections for the series of our own world’s future history. Today I’ll talk about the intersection of those two topics.

There is (I suspect I’ve mentioned in passing before) a (planned) sub-series or two of the Shine Cycle set in our own universe, in the future. The main one, which is my topic today, is tentatively called “The Game of Life.” I came up with this name before I’d ever heard of Conway’s Gamme of Life; instead, the title refers to a game in the Shine Cycle universe, which early drafts of the first novel described in general terms.

Each novel in the Game of Life sub-series is set on Earth (or at least in this solar system). The Shine and Wild Empire and its allies are engaged in a long, wide-ranging, but in most places “cold” war on front after front across several universes—a story that will be mostly told in The Longest War. One of the Dragon Empire’s main leaders, Gondolor, makes his way to the (initially oblivious) Earth several times and tries to gain control. After the first attempt is thwarted, each time he returns he has the added motivation of revenge.

I hope to post more about this series in the coming months, including something about each of the ten planned novels, a profile of some of the main characters that are unique or at least new to this sub-series, and a description of the game from which it takes its tentative title.


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