Call for Players

I’m once again looking for players for a campaign of Strategic Primer.

Given the lackluster response to previous appeals, I’m mainly looking for players to join the current campaign (I’ll explain what that will involve in a moment), but if there’s enough interest we can start a new campaign so you wouldn’t be starting in the middle of an ongoing campaign.

Each turn—which in the current campaign averages out to about a month or a little more real time, in practice—you’ll produce (with my help, if you like, working around your schedule) a “strategy” for that turn, detailing what you want your people (soldiers, farmers, factories, mines, explorers, scientists, and so on) to do and produce that turn and in the coming turns. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours at the most of your time to produce a simple but satisfactory strategy (though you can put as much time into it as you like, making improvements or tweaks). Then, after I receive your strategy, I’ll give you the “results” for the turn, listing everything of note that happened that turn that you know of, including how your orders turned out, what your explorers found, etc.

If you join the current campaign, I’ll prepare a position for you, including a basic fortress plan and strategies with results for all previous turns, so you shouldn’t be at much of a disadvantage or have to go to any extra effort because of starting mid-campaign.

In a new campaign, instead of each campaign lasting until I got and ran everyone’s strategy, there would be a fixed deadline each month, and if a player hadn’t submitted his or her strategy by then a “deputy” would prepare a minimal maintenance strategy for the turn. There are several changes that I would make from the current campaign, design decisions that I wish I had made differently but can’t change in the middle of a campaign, but the details aren’t important. And you would start on an absolutely level playing field with the other players.

If you’re interested in playing—or even in being involved with the game in some other way, if you’d rather not play—or if you’d like to know more, please let me know.


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