Shine Cycle: status update

Since my last writing status update, I’ve had another banner month in every writing category except what I said I wanted to make progress on.

I’ve made some initial, somewhat extensive if not all that significant, revisions to the first couple of chapters of my novelette “A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage.” While I was working through the second chapter, I noticed a bit of apparent foreshadowing that I’d never done anything with; this will be corrected. But I made no more progress on revising the Internal Conflict prologue.

I’ve continued to work on my projection of Earth’s future history, including starting to work through the feedback I’ve already received, but I haven’t made enough progress to report it as significant yet. And I wrote a couple of character descriptions, but again this is not yet significant progress toward being able to resume posting character profiles in this space.

The most positive thing I have to report is that in the space of about two weeks, mostly at Evart, I wrote on the order of a half-dozen poems. A couple may not be quite presentable yet, and so will need some revision before I can post them, but this is far more than I’d even hoped.

My areas-I-hope-to-work-on-soon list is still basically unchanged from the last two months:

  • Finish and improve the Earth-future-history outline, then beginning to outline The Invasion.
  • Write more of Sunshine Civil War and An Internal Conflict.
  • Continue revising “A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage.”
  • Finally do the timeline revision I’ve been intending to do for months.
  • Finish the character descriptions and start on the character histories, so I can start posting character profiles again.
  • And whatever comes to mind.

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