Story Précis: Introduction

This morning I’d like to introduce a new intermittent series of posts that will occasionally appear in this space: précis of the stories I plan to write in the Shine Cycle. I gave a little bit of a plot summary of most in my [brief outline of the plot of the series]](, but not enough to really give you much of an idea what the stories are about. So I intend to rectify that in this series.

Each post will cover one story—usually a planned novel. I’ll briefly describe the plot, but I don’t intend for that to be the main focus. I’ll also talk about the main characters and the themes (if I’m consciously attempting to include any specifically) I intend to develop. And I’ll talk a little bit about the context of the story—what’s going on in the story-world at the time that doesn’t directly come into the story, what effects the events of the story might have, etc.

Is there anything I should include in a précis that I’ve missed? And what story would you like me to cover first?


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