Strategic Primer: Ninth turn summary

The current campaign of Strategic Primer recently finished its ninth turn. (We still need more players; if you’d be interested in joining the campaign, please let me know.)

The most notable thing about this turn is that I finally put the new exploration and encounter model into effect, including for hunting and gathering. Last turn I wrote that “players’ population growth seems to have finally peaked”, but with hunters and gatherers now producing more realistic (i.e. “such-and-such animal” instead of “the-result-of-a-die-roll pounds of food”) results, and any players who started planting a crop early (immediately after or during initial harvesting) are now starting to harvest, some players’ population is on its way up again.

Building continues; most players seem to have long-term plans and are working on creating the technology they need to bootstrap those plans. But labor is still the primary constraint here: there isn’t enough labor to mine the resources needed, or to build the industry needed, etc.

Last tur I wrote that, “the players … are still generally ignoring the discoveries their explorers have already made.” I’m glad to say this is no longer the case; in-depth exploration may even soon become the norm.

After running into the problems with the new exploration model, I’ve decided to start developing a third-generation model. It will require some changes to the map—increasing the resolution, primarily, but also the data the map format can encode—that I’ll implement first. Those changes to the map, and to the viewer, will also allow me to implement vision range properly and make it easier to add features to help me run movement and exploration, so I’ll do that too before starting on the third-generation encounter model.

In any case, as I’ve said for several turns now, this campaign is becoming more exciting by the turn, and each turn I loo forward to seeing what the players come up with next. If you’d like to join this campaign, or a possible next campaign, please let me know.


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