Each Friday I post one of my poems.

Were I alone, this heat would be my death,
Or so it seems—but with such friends as these,
I more than merely live: I thrive, I laugh,
I smile with such delight as I’ve not known
Since last we parted ways, too long ago.
Where would I rather be, but here and now,
Despite the heat, with these beloved friends?

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago, when I had gathered with a group of friends for a reunion. A most delightful time, despite oppressive heat (and an imperious cat). I actually wrote a version of this down, then mislaid the pad on which I wrote it before I could type it, so I had to reconstruct it from memory.

In any case, as always, I earnestly welcome your comments, suggestions, questions, critique, or other feedback about this or any other part of my work. You can also read other poems I’ve written here on my blog; in particular, I’d like to know which poems you think are my best.

This poem is also posted on my wiki.


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