Shine Cycle: status update

In the time that’s elapsed since my last writing status update, I’ve again accomplished very little. On the other hand, while last month I cited developing possibilities but complained that I’d gotten stalled, I now have a pretty good idea of where to go next.

My revisions of my novelette “A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage” and the prologue to An Internal Conflict have not progressed in the slightest since last month. But that’s the only “current project” that utterly stalled this past month, despite a much-busier-than-usual schedule.

I extended my projection of Earth’s future history a little bit more. And, after receiving some very helpful feedback from a friend, I both have some new ideas for more content to put in and see that what I already have needs a thorough going-over, which is much more likely to expand the outline (assuming I keep my current rate of noted events per time) than contract it.

And I wrote several new poems. A couple of them have already been posted, and the others will appear in this space on Fridays soon.

My areas-I-hope-to-work-on-soon list is basically unchanged from last month:

  • Finish and improve the Earth-future-history outline, then beginning to outline The Invasion.
  • Write more of Sunshine Civil War and An Internal Conflict.
  • Finally do the timeline revision I’ve been intending to do for months.
  • Finish the character descriptions and start on the character histories, so I can start posting character profiles again.
  • And whatever comes to mind.

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