Strategic Primer: Story ideas?

Last year, I listed “by popular demand, a story to explore” as one of the distinctives of Strategic Primer. But while I have some idea of how to begin, and I’ve set the first wheels of story-exploration in the current campaign in motion, I don’t really know where I’m going.

I can, of course, just make it all up as we go along—and, in the end, no matter what, that is what it will come down to, as the players have consistently taken the game in directions I didn’t expect—but I’d rather have some sort of plan.

I rule out anything like my previous attempt, and in fact any plot based on my planned fantasy series, as at the geopolitical level (where the players would have to be …) the lines of loyalty would of necessity be stark and strictly enforced. Unless the Shine Cycle was somehow to be ancient-history’s-ancient-history.

I’d also rather not have any overwhelming outside danger, or anything else that feels like an attempt to force the players to work together. I want it to be something to explore, that a player can choose to ignore. (This might put him at a disadvantage due to missing out on “free” technical data gleaned from recovered sources or something, but that’s a far cry from being suddenly told “The Enemy has come down from the heavens and is at your gates! Unite with your neighbors or perish!”)

So, since I’m rather drawing a blank, as usual, I turn to you my readers. Any ideas?


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