Strategic Primer: Enumerating possible orders

One of the distinctives of the campaign version of Strategic Primer, my strategy game, is that players can do the unexpected, taking their part of the game in directions I hadn’t even thought of.

But while this freedom can make a campaign far richer than any other strategy game I know of, it presents several problems:

  • This can be intimidating for players who don’t know what they want to do. This makes the game far more challenging than necessary for new players.
  • It makes creating a strategy-creation program, which I’m hoping and planning to develop this summer, much more challenging.
  • And it makes adapting the campaign-helper programs into a computer game version of Strategic Primer very difficult.

To help work around these problems, I’ve begun a list of orders that a player can give. While in the end, I’d like it to be comprehensive (and to include more than commands), to begin with I only need commands that a player is most likely to want to use. But since, as I’ve said many times before, players often take the game in directions I don’t anticipate, I need your help extending the list. If there’s something that you might want your workers, your scientists, or your soldiers to do that isn’t on the list, please let me know.


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