Shine Cycle: status update

It’s been a while since my last status update, largely because until the last couple of weeks I, again, got very little done. (As I warned, though I was far less productive even than I’d feared.)

Recently, however, I’ve made some somewhat significant progress on the Shine Cycle, its background, and my other writing:

  • With the help of a friend, I began a major revision of the prologue of An Internal Conflict, which badly needs it.
  • I began revising my novelette “A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage” (which I posted, in serialized form, on this blog over a year ago). But for my revision to be an improvement, I need your help.
  • I’ve extended my projection of Earth’s future history as it will appear in my work from four centuries in, where it was in December, to within three centuries of the end. But I don’t have any ideas on other trends to further pad it, so that’s stalled for the foreseeable future.
  • I’ve written several character descriptions, which puts me that much closer to being able to resume posting character profiles.
  • And I finished a couple of several poems that I’ve been working on for weeks, which postponed running entirely out of poetry to post for a little while longer.

Right now I’m mostly working on my strategy game, but once I get to the point of waiting on players rather than them waiting on me I hope to work more steadily on my writing:

  • Finishing the Earth-future-history outline, then beginning to outline The Invasion.
  • Writing more of Sunshine Civil War and An Internal Conflict.
  • Finally do the timeline revision I’ve been intending to do for months.
  • Finish the character descriptions and start on the character histories, so I can start posting character profiles again.
  • And whatever comes to mind.

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