What’s my best poetry?

I’ve been posting one of my poems here nearly every week for about a year and a half. While this has nearly exhausted my archive, it has also impressed on my mind how much poetry I’ve written. And, having written so much, I’d like to put together a collection of my best work.

But, because “I am my own worst critic”, I can’t reliably tell whether any given poem meets that standard or not. I have a few that I think certainly ought to be included, and some that are too fragmentary to even be considered, but beyond that I draw a blank.

So I’d like your help. If you have a few moments, look back over the poems I’ve posted and read at least a few. Is there one—or several—that you think are good, that I ought to include in a collection? Or are there some that “speak to you,” but need some polishing first? Is there a poem that needs a better title, or doesn’t have a real title at all, and you’ve thought of one? Any feedback would be most helpful.

What do you think?


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