A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage: Revision; Readers Wanted

About a year and a half ago, I posted my novelette “A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage” in a series of six installments. I’d revised it somewhat since I originally wrote it seven years ago, but it seems to me (bearing in mind that “I am my own worst critic”) that how immature a writer I was then still shows. So, even though by posting it last year I basically prevented it from being traditionally published, I’d like to do another, more thorough revision.

I have a few ideas of where I could begin, and changes I can make, but I’d like some help. If you have some time and attention to spare, please read it and tell me what you think: What worked? What didn’t? Where did I write too much? Where didn’t I write enough? (I also have some resources on peer revision and critique that I can send you if you like, but I don’t require anything so formal as some of them suggest.) Or you can read the revised draft (of which I’ll send pieces, as I finish them, to anyone who’s asked) as I produce it and give me feedback on my changes.

If speculative fiction, or my prose, is “not your thing,” I also need help improving my poetry, and picking my best poems, among other things.

Several of my friends have already given me very helpful revision advice on these and other projects; thank you very much!

But I have along way to go, and your feedback could help me immensely. Please read and comment!


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