Each Friday I post one of my poems.

Behold, upon that cross, between two thieves,
How vast the Maker’s wrath upon the ill
That we, and all our human race have done
In our revolt against his perfect law:
The sun, untimely darkened, hides its face
At the mere sight of God’s just punishment.
But see it meted, not to us condemned,
But to his perfect, sinless only Son,
For grace in love abounds in mercy here
Beyond the vastness of his holy wrath.
How foolish to our mortal, human eyes
This love, unsearchable, cannot but seem—
Yet in its shade the wise must stand in shame.
Oh, Lord, that you would make me such a fool!
Teach me to love you as your gift deserves;
Teach me to love my neighbor as you did
There on that day, upon that cruel hill.

I wrote this months ago—perhaps last October—but held it in reserve until the day most appropriate for it.

I always welcome your comments, critique, suggestions, or any other feedback on this poem or any other part of my work. You can also read other poems I’ve written here on my blog.

This poem is also posted on my wiki.


6 thoughts on ““Pascha”

    • I’m glad you liked it. If I recall correctly, this poem fairly well “wrote itself” as ideas from various passages throughout the New Testament came together in my mind; I think the idea behind that “turn” came directly from the letter to the Romans.

      But now, as the occasion approaches this year, I’m finding this poem something of a “hard act to follow.” Sigh …

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