Strategic Primer: Re-Checking Encounter Tables

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a revision to the way Strategic Primer, my strategy game, handles exploration results. A few weeks ago I described what sorts of things I’d come up with to put on the encounter tables I’m constructing.

I’ve now produced a set of tables that covers every situation. That’s not to say that it’s complete—most of the lists are still marked “TODO: more”—but there are no entries that say “roll on such-and-such table” where that table doesn’t exist yet, and for every possible combination of rolls something will come up.

Before I put these tables into practice, I’d like some more eyes to take a look at them to point out inconsistencies (did I call a nundu—which I don’t actually have in the tables—a major animal in one terrain and a minor animal in another? Do I have something listed as both a tree and a shrub, or a grain and a vegetable?) and suggest things I missed. (And make any other comments as appropriate.) I’ve put the data in a Google Spreadsheet; this is with some categories combined or reordered, and the precise probabilities removed, but just about all the items that are in the tables should be there.

If you have comments, there may be a comment function on the spreadsheet, or you can add comments here or contact me more directly (see the “identity” section at the top right if you’re reading this on my blog.


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