Strategic Primer: Eighth turn summary

The current campaign of Strategic Primer, my strategy game, recently finished its eighth turn. (We still need more players!)

Most players’ planting for most crops ended this turn, and as apple harvest is finally over players’ population growth seems to have finally peaked (though see below for one caveat). The “default” forest plan’s limited field area feels increasingly constricting. Some players shifted the workers who had been harvesting to planting new crops, but most workers were sent to work as Food Gatherers, especially as planting of the initial crops ended. In a few cases (constrained, as I mentioned last turn by their lack of farmland) the workers are sent to cut down trees.

With more labor and, in some cases, more resources available, several players are investing in (relatively) major building projects. The focus of these projects varies with the player’s focus: food production and preservation for more agriculturally-focused players, but purely industrial projects for others.

As players’ explorers have returned from long journeys, the players have in most cases instructed them to make shorter trips thereafter, but are still generally ignoring the discoveries their explorers have already made.

In preparation for the switch to the new exploration model (next turn, I hope), I determined the main kind of rock under each player’s headquarters, as well as the main kind of tree around those in forest tiles, and gave this information to the players. I also used some of the tables to run one aspect of one player’s strategy I couldn’t think of how to run, but I’m not satisfied with that mechanic yet. One player wanted to use some rock without going to the trouble of mining it; after some discussion, I ruled that some of the displaced rock (rubble) from the fortress’s initial construction back in the first turn is available, and began tracking it. I can do the same for other players on request.

Players’ investment in scientific research is starting to bear fruit, as many players’ scientists have had initial breakthroughs (which I don’t report to the players) and a few have discovered new advances (or domesticated new animals). And workers’ skill improvements are continuing at their previously-mentioned rapid pace.

As I said last turn, even the self-improvement parts of this campaign are becoming somewhat exciting, so that each turn I looking forward to what the players will come up with next. If you’d like to join this campaign, or a possible next campaign, please let me know.


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