Birthday musings

Three years ago today, as I was turning 21, I mused about becoming an adult in the eyes of the law. I don’t feel much different now, except far more weary, harried, distracted, and lonely.

On the other hand, since then I’ve posted (by my calculations) over 140,000 words on this blog, in 305 posts (not counting this one), among other milestone accomplishments.

Of those 305 posts, about 90 are poetry. That’s a little more than twice as many poems as a typical book of poetry contains. I’d like to get some of them published, and am even considering going the self-published print-on-demand/ebook route. But as I am my own worst critic I’d like your help picking and improving my best poems.

I’ve made significant progress in the last few years on the background work for my fantasy series-in-preparation, the Shine Cycle. As I continue, and as I produce more material intended for public consumption (i.e. drafts rather than outlines), I need “first readers” so I can improve.

I’m slowly losing touch with friends as our lives diverge; in defiance of this trend I’m looking for correspondents (letter, email, IM, etc.).

And I’m still running a slow-moving campaign of Strategic Primer, a strategy game of my own design. This current campaign still desperately needs more players, or if there’s enough interest we can start a new campaign. And if playing doesn’t look interesting, I can always use help designing the game, researching the data behind it, and designing and implementing programs to help me run the campaign.

Here’s hoping to a far more productive twenty-fifth year!


2 thoughts on “Birthday musings

  1. I would enjoy corresponding with you. Email, IM, or letters. I enjoy reading your poetry but I don’t often let you know. I’ll comment more frequently.

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