Occasional Hiatus and Imminent Revision

A couple of warnings about this blog:

First, with the weather the way it is at present and other demands on my time—which exacerbate my natural tendency toward procrastination—as well as the fact that I’ve by now far outstripped prepared material, I expect to miss posting every so often, usually on Saturdays (which, of the regular features on my posting schedule, require the most preparation). I also expect to run out of presentable poetry (except for a few that I’m saving for a different season or a special occasion) Real Soon Now.

Second, I plan to start going over old posts, revising (in at least one case splitting up a multi-topic post) and updating. I’ll leave their original timestamps to preserve order, but if you’re reading this blog via the feed (i.e. in a blog reader) rather than on Facebook all those updated posts will show up as new. I apologize in advance for “spamming” you, but I hope that you’ll take a look at any you missed the first time around.

If—unlike me—you find yourself at loose ends or with time on your hands, there are several projects on which I could use your help, including picking poems to make a book, joining the current campaign of Strategic Primer, or becoming a “first reader” or “beta reader” for my new material.


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