Future History: Introduction

A few events of the Shine Cycle, my fantasy series-in-preparation will take place in our world. Because of this, and my determination to get everything “right” and ensure everything is consistent, I’ve been developing a projection for the future history of Earth.

I’ve tried to credibly extend present trends into the future, but mostly I’m just trying to end up with something noteworthy happening in each period of time, and with everything moving toward the end of all things. I plan to continue my outline of projected future history through the next thirteen centuries or so, with an event or two every decade.

Most of this won’t get used directly in the Shine Cycle, so I’d most likely be amenable to someone else borrowing it for his or her own writing, or wanting me to include his or her own projections as part of my background. (I asked for your ideas a few months ago.)

In the coming weeks in this space on Mondays (the regular “Shine Cycle background” spot), I’ll occasionally write about specific events or trends in the future history, like I’ve been writing about places and features of the world in which most of the story is set. These will be collected in their own Page in the Archive.


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