2011: A Look Forward

A little before the beginning of last year I began my current posting schedule: background essays on my series-in-preparation the Shine Cycle on Mondays, posts about my strategy game Strategic Primer on Wednesdays, poetry on Fridays, and miscellaneous essays on Saturdays. At present I’m not intending to change that, but today I’d like to take a look forward over the year to come: what I intend to post about, my “pressing priorities,” etc.

In the “Shine Cycle background” category, I hope to have more character profiles to post, but that will depend on my creation of character histories, which take significant time and effort. Expect more descriptions of places in which parts of the story will take place. And I’m also planning on an intermittent series on my projected future history of Earth as it’ll appear in the Shine Cycle.

Strategic Primer: I’m still hoping that enough players will be interested to start a new campaign>. And I’m hoping to make a lot of progress in programming the computer version and assistive programs. But regardless, I also have some background essays I’m already planning to write, including more on the game’s origin (the initial version was adapted from an earlier game I’d designed but never actually played) and perhaps a series on games from which I draw (or plan to draw) inspiration.

Most of the poetry I posted in the past year was from my archive, built up in the decade I’ve been writing poetry. That archive (or at least its subset of presentable poetry) is now nearly exhausted; unless I repost poems I posted earlier, continuing at the present rate of a poem a week is contingent on my writing an average of at least one poem a week, which I have maintained very rarely. On the other hand, the quantity of poems I’ve already posted means that I can think about turning them into a book.

On the “miscellaneous essays” front, I have several essays I plan to write in existing series, and I plan to add a new occasional topic: debate, which may have been my favorite subject in high school.

More personally, the primary priorities I’ve identified for the new year are spiritual development, de-cluttering my life, better keeping in touch with friends, and developing a more extensive correspondence, among other projects (many of which I’d still like your help on).

What are your plans in the new year?


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