Shine Cycle Outline: Second Arc, Part 4

After the events I described earlier, the second arc of the series outline of the Shine Cycle draws to a close, with only the few more—and briefer—planned books summarized below.

Creatures: (Like the Battles of High Powers, this was intended as a series of short stories, but I don’t think I can write to that length.) In the ensuing peace, a couple of expeditions are sent to a newly-discovered planet, Fragarach. This planet has creatures, and more importantly a substance, that will make future battles … interesting.

New Ground: Soon after the second expedition to Fragarach returns, somehow a new continent is discovered on our main world. It is uninhabited, and this story describes the tale of its colonization and the war that begins over it.

Castle Commander: A second front opens in that war, on a peninsula somewhere, with both sides limiting themselves to the basically medieval technology level of the natives. After both this “Peninsular Campaign” and the fight for control of the new continent end decisively in favor of the Shine and Wild Empire, but not decisively enough that it can impose peace elsewhere, the war again winds down uneasily.

Third Empire: After about a decade, peace is interrupted when a new wormhole opens, several light-years up from the world, and a large fleet comes through. It is a “lost” fleet of an empire from its own galaxy, which allies with the Dragon Empire in trying to crush the Shine and Wild Empire and its allies. Eventually the two enemy empires are separated, and the newcomers are evicted from all of their bases and forced back through the wormhole, which is sealed with a substantial guard on both sides. The Dragon Empire uneasily subsides.

One more notable event actually occurs in this arc, but as it’s really part of the first story of the third arc, I will postpone mentioning it until then.


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